Protecting the Beating Heart of Your Railway Operation

Securing All Critical Bases

Main Line
Urban Rail
Mass Transit
Rolling Stock
Onboard Units
Field Equipment

The Cervello Platform

Deployed virtually or physically, the Cervello Platform provides railways with comprehensive protection against internal and external cyber threats, as well as safety disruptions, while delivering a fully agnostic service. We secure your operational assets by deeply understanding the context of your network and operation, applying next-generation protection to both modern and legacy railway infrastructures.

Best-in-Class Railway Cybersecurity


Reveal insider and external threats at source without relying on learning, prior-knowledge, assumptions and third parties

End-to-End Visibility

Complete discovery of all critical assets, providing unmatched network mapping, transparency and analysis

Non-intrusive & Fully Passive

Zero interference with operational performance and mission-critical processes

Easy to Deploy, Simple to Maintain

Heterogeneous and vendor-agnostic, with wide support for proprietary software and hardware

Premium Threat Intelligence

Automatically generating and enforcing unique security policies that provide precise threat detection 

Railway-Specific Methodology

Designed according to railway safety and operational best practices

Ultimate Response

 A wide variety of manual and automated playbooks integrated into the Cervello Platform  

All in One

One platform to protect it all, signalling and rolling stock

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