Meet Our Team: Claudia Yaari, Quality and Operations Manager

Meet Our Team: Claudia Yaari, Quality and Operations Manager

October 28, 2020
The Cervellos

Introducing the “Meet Our Team” Series:

Each week we will spotlight another member of Cervello’s leadership team. Our people are our most valuable resource and we’d love for you to get to know them,  their personal story, values, and vision

This week - meet Claudia Yaari, our Quality and Operations Manager.

What does Cervello mean for you?

Cervello is my second family. We are an intimate team, and it feels like we are all “on the same train” since we share the same drive to ensure railway safety. Working in  Tel Aviv, we all use the train system at some point and are conscious of the importance of its security.  Same as we care and want to protect members of our biological families, we want to protect the family of train riders. I take great pride in working in a company whose mission is safety and security.  


What brought you here?

My career path was unconventional. I studied electrical engineering in High School and afterward served as a Personal Affairs officer in the Israeli Defense Forces. Following my service, I began working in the Hi-Tech industry and joined Amdocs, fulfilling several logistics and administration positions. When I felt I had to see the world, I moved to fulfill a longtime dream and became a flight attendant at El-Al Airlines. During that time, I  met my husband. When we started our family I decided it was time to make a change again and studied Architecture and Internal Design which is still one of my hobbies.


I worked at a construction company and when it closed down I began working for one of its clients - Waterfall Security Solutions, a leader in industrial cybersecurity. This role opened the door to the cybersecurity and technology worlds. I learned a lot about hardware, certifications, compliance, and regulation and I became the company’s operations manager. I became an expert in logistics and quality compliance, making sure that products met the highest quality standards before they moved to the clients’ hands. My products are like my children and they too receive tender loving care. After 5 years in this role, I was due for my next career challenge and then I discovered Cervello. 

Why did you join Cervello?

I chose to join Cervello mainly because of the people. I saw a rare opportunity to join a very small talented team that is aiming to disrupt a huge industry and write history. I was impressed by the Founders’ leadership and people management approach and felt they put “People First”. They thought about Cervello’s  DNA and culture from the moment they founded the company,  ensuring an inspiring working environment. 

I began my role in the midst of several ISO preparations for audit, so it was a great opportunity to apply quality compliance processes and make a real impact on the company. I was amazed by the fact that even in the very initial stages of product development, the team was eager to implement all the processes needed while striving to achieve an even better and secure product.

The devotion of the team to make these processes work and their help with implementation was inspiring. We all document and follow these strict guidelines because the quality is of great value to us.

What is your biggest challenge (in your specific role)?

Learning new certifications and regulations and planning their implementations while making sure the team is on board and aligned is what keeps me excited and alert.

I try to ensure that the quality compliance processes will not be a burden and will not affect the great vibes and atmosphere we have in the company.  

One more challenge that I deal with throughout my entire career is the fact that most of the time,  I am the only female in a very masculine environment. However, in Cervello, this is hardly felt because my team members are so respectful, friendly, and nice.

What makes you feel so passionate about your job?

It's a combination of knowing I enjoy the people I work with and the impact my projects have on the company.  Seeing processes that I planned being used on a daily basis gives me great satisfaction.

As part of my role, I’m also in charge of welfare and HR processes in the company and it is where my creativity comes to life. I combine my military people affairs experience and my architecture skills to make sure my colleagues are always happy and our offices are as comfortable and welcoming.

However, I believe my biggest driver is the fact that I know that we do good and really protect people’s lives and safety.


Where do you see Cervello 5 years from now?

In my vision, 5 years from now,  when I go to Europe or the US on a summer vacation with my family  I’ll know Cervello is installed in every signalling system of every railway operation out there.  It will make me feel proud and safe!.

I’m sure Cervello will be a big dominant player by then and I’m excited to be part of this journey.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

When I’m not working I split my time between family, friends, and studying. I always like to learn and develop my skills, and there is always a course I’m taking as an extracurricular. I love listening to lectures and podcasts and I really like reading.

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