Meet Our Team: Eitam Aharon, VP R&D

Meet Our Team: Eitam Aharon, VP R&D

December 1, 2020
The Cervellos

This week in our ‘meet the team’ blog series, a spotlight on Eitam Aharon, our VP R&D.

What does Cervello mean to You?

For me, Cervello is an opportunity to build together, with some of the best people around, something from the ground up. It has been my career-long dream to design from scratch. While it can be an intimidating task to take upon, it is also a challenge I gladly embrace. It’s also an opportunity for taking part in setting the atmosphere of the company and having a say and impact on its culture and DNA. It’s a big responsibility but at the same time, it’s a great privilege. 

What do you look for in your R&D Teammates?

The team in place now is professional in all aspects; engineering, creativity, and teamwork. When recruiting new members, I look for someone smart(er) and wise(r) than myself from whom we can all learn and grow together. Such a person will fit right in. In the start-up scene, there are a lot of quick and dirty solutions to be taken. Not for us at Cervello. We will always drill down to the details and be thorough. There is simply no other option. My team members all come from the same school. We are all veterans of Unit 81, the military intelligence technology unit of Israel's Military Intelligence Directorate (AMAN).  We got our programming education and expertise there, and actually spent part of our service working together. It’s a great advantage to have such a deep relationship that is both personal and professional. We come from different disciplines (Server, Agent, Frontend), know our own and others’ strengths and weaknesses, and complement each other profoundly.

What brought you here? 

I spent seven years in the army, working my way up from programmer, team lead, project lead, to a department head.  During my service, I met Cervello’s CTO, Shaked Kafzan. After my service, I joined an offensive cyber company where I worked until the opportunity to join Cevello came up, and since, as I mentioned, I wanted to build something from scratch, the decision was really easy.  Though the joint army experience has brought a high level of work ethic and dedication to Cervello, the fact that I, as well as my teammates, gained professional experience in other commercial companies is a great advantage. We all learned and brought work procedures and protocols which we greatly benefit from today. 

What is your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is a result of the new work environment. Working from home has resulted in great productivity on one hand yet eliminated the casual coffee breaks conversations. These conversations are a priceless opportunity to exchange ideas and updates and now we need to artificially create them. One of the first things we set in place when we began WFH was to hold a “daily”. Our team groups on Zoom every day for an update on individual progress and it’s also an opportunity to exchange pieces of personal information; a great game we watched, a new tv series not to be missed, the best takeout, etc. We also have a company-wide happy hour on Thursdays where we sometimes all play online games. I think it’s really important to set some wind-down time aside and to connect and keep in touch through these times... 

What makes you feel so passionate about your job?
I know I chose the right career path because I’m crazy about new technologies. Though Cervello operates in a conservative market, the market is gradually embracing new technologies. We want to provide it with state-of-the-art solutions. To keep current, I read and research a lot and have also instated a “research day’ which means that one day, every two weeks, each team member is exempted from ongoing tasks and dedicates his time to new topics and technologies. Since we have started this routine, we have all learned a lot, conducted feasibility studies, and integrated new technologies in the Cervello product.  

Where do you see Cervello 5 years from now?

Obviously, we will be a bigger company:). Serving new customers and new geographies means more revenues, but it also means new technologies to support. Different regions have different ways to work.  What I know for sure is that no matter how much we grow, we will all work to maintain the same family-like atmosphere that we enjoy today. 

And in your spare time..?

I devote my spare time to learning new technologies. Yes, I love what I do that much!  When I need to stretch, I love to hike. Fortunately, this is something that I can still enjoy during these crazy times…

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