Meet Our Team: Nadav Avidan, Co-Founder & COO

Meet Our Team: Nadav Avidan, Co-Founder & COO

January 20, 2021
The Cervellos

This week in our ‘meet the team’ blog series, a spotlight on Nadav Avidan, our Co-Founder & COO.

What Does Cervello Mean for You?

To me, Cervello is about people that make an impact. Not every company has the  opportunity to make a change in a huge industry or to solve a major concern. I feel extremely fortunate to work in a challenging and dynamic environment, together with amazing people with a clear mission - to help make the railway industry safer and more secure. Although we have cutting-edge and innovative technology, at the end of the day, it’s the people that make  the company what it is. I think that the combination of humble people who aren't afraid to say “I don’t know” but are highly confident that as a team we are able to solve any problem or to face any challenge, is what helps us at Cervello achieve our goals and to provide value for our customers. 


What brought you here?

I was always an entrepreneur at heart. I feel like I did not choose this way of life but rather it chose me.  By nature, I observe, come across challenges, find ways to solve them, even against all odds. This type of personality attracts a certain type of character and lucky for me I came across two of them (my co-founders  Roie and Shaked) at the Zell Entrepreneurship Program at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center. We immediately connected on all levels and knew we can do great things together. From the early beginning, we all were fascinated by what's happening in the railway industry. When everybody talks about the future of autonomous vehicles the railway industry is already there. The amazing progress of the industry towards autonomous trains and digitalization has opened the industry to a new range of cyber threats and vulnerabilities and we all felt that this issue was unattended. 

What is your biggest challenge?

We cater to a traditional industry that is heading towards a new digital era. As such, rail companies and vendors need to engage with different types of players, namely technology start-up companies that will help them reshape their cybersecurity strategy. One of my biggest challenges is to implement processes and methods, common to large organizations in our dynamic and agile organization so that we will be able to provide an offering that is attractive to the industry. My goal is, on the one hand, to be aligned with the industry standards and procedures but on the other hand, make sure we can move fast and respond quickly to the changing environment, which is one of our advantages as a startup. 

What makes you feel so passionate about your job?
People are my passion, at Cervello and outside. I love recruiting and love interactions with our customers. As COO, one may expect to be tied up in the day to day operational matters and while this is true, I make it a priority to be up to date and up to speed with industry developments and industry players. I am an achiever, one might even say competitive and I bring it full force into my role to ensure that Cervello will bring a multitude of competitive advantages into its offering. To do so, we all must share this DNA of achievements. I am a people person, I connect and communicate easily and it’s crucial for me that Cervello will be made up of people sharing common values and vision. Over time we have developed a screening methodology that has proven itself by bringing together people that are not similar but rather work well together, feel free to speak, criticize, and be criticized, all to achieve the same goal.  

Where do you see Cervello 5 years from now?

In five years from now, Cervello will be a global and leading company in its field, helping multiple rail companies worldwide to ensure passenger safety and business continuity. I love to travel and it would give me great pleasure to travel with my family in different parts of the world using trains knowing we were privileged to secure these areas. 

And in your spare time?

I am a sports lover, on the couch, and in the field. When I was younger, I was a professional football player and it is still my preferred go-to relaxation sport. Once a week I meet with my friends for two hours of football, letting off steam and forget about everything. 

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