Meet Our Team: Shaked Kafzan, Co-Founder & CTO

Meet Our Team: Shaked Kafzan, Co-Founder & CTO

November 10, 2020
The Cervellos

Here is another post in our “Meet Our Team” Series:

Each week we will spotlight another member of Cervello’s leadership team. Our people are our most valuable resource and we’d love for you to get to know them,  their personal story, values, and vision.

This week - meet Shaked Kafzan our Co-Founder & CTO.

What does Cervello mean for you?

To me, Cervello is the realm to secure the world of railway signaling systems and the opportunity to use deep technology to create a safer world.

My job is a big part of my life and I’m incredibly grateful to have found an embracing environment that meets both my personal and my professional needs. 

What brought you here?
I have always been excited by new technology. It was my honor to spend the military service in the Technological Unit of the Intelligence Corps 81 as a Captain.

My military service started as a software engineer, expanded to being the team leader, and then as the cybersecurity project manager. After I finished almost 9 years at the IDF, I began to work as a senior software engineer at Argus CyberSecurity (acquired by Continental) while graduating in Computer Science at the IDC Herzliya. It was at the Zell Entrepreneurship program where I met my co-founders, Roie and Nadav, and where Cervello began.

We set out to address a holistic cybersecurity problem in the autonomous fleet domain and gradually began to focus on the railway industry, because it is autonomously advanced. All my professional experience, military and civilian, was the perfect basis to take the next step to design a next-gen railway cybersecurity solution.

What is your biggest challenge?

My greatest challenge is to implement cutting edge technologies in a conservative environment. Railways operate on legacy systems, which are now connected to the grid for updates and adoption of over the air technologies. On one hand, this connectivity advent is positive: enabling remote control, higher availability, and increased efficiency. On the other hand, it makes it susceptible to cyberattacks, not only Zero-day but also CVEs that are not patched in legacy systems. Many operators have operating systems that have reached the end of service and do not get frequent (if any) security updates. This makes them prone to attacks and more vulnerable.

At Cervello we provide advanced analytics and AI to predict and detect cyber threats, reveal unknown breaches, and improve network availability with no application changes. Our platform provides continuous mapping, monitoring, analysis, and cross-correlation of rail signaling and rolling stock components’ data, for unparalleled visibility and actionable guidance to address diverse modes of attacks, internal and external. We are able to both anticipate and mitigate cyber threats before damage is caused, ensuring resilience, business continuity, and passenger safety.

What makes you feel so passionate about your job?

I get excited by the possibility of making an impact. I can choose to design security systems for protecting the enterprise but my mission at Cervello is to ensure that the lives of people around the world will be protected. The feeling that I am part of such an achievement is both exciting and very rewarding. 

Where do you see Cervello 5 years from now?
In five years we will be a global company integrated into signalling systems of the biggest manufacturers. Operators equipped with such systems will enjoy peace of mind knowing that their core assets are protected

What do you like to do when you’re not working? optional

Even In my spare time I like to learn about new technologies. I get excited reading about cyber attacks and breaches, so lucky for me, I must be in the right line of business. Other than that I love to surf and play soccer.

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